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Benzoin essential oil

Benzoin oil is extracted from resin of the Styrax Benzoin tree and belongs to the Stryracaceae family. It is also known as gum benzoin, luban jawi (meaning frankincense of Java), Benjamin, Producer Wholesaler Benzoin essential oil Exporter or Styrax benzoin.Benzoin oil's greatest benefit lies in that it has a calming effect on the nervous and digestive systems, a warming effect on circulation problems and a toning effect on the respiratory tract.

Few drops of Amber oil put in water while taking a bath will have a soothing effect on the body. Aroma of this oil has a pleasing effect that matches the ambience while practicing yoga and meditation . Producer Wholesaler Benzoin essential oil Supplier The aroma is long lasting and non-irritating. Amber oil when properly applied has a sedating effect and is very useful in inducing sleep. The oil eliminates negativity from the mind and brings an influx of happy and pleasant thoughts. This helps in promoting wholesome health of the body.

Benefits for the skin and hair : Amber oil is used for skin rejuvenating massages. It refreshes the skin and rejuvenates the growth of new cells, thereby lending anti-aging benefits for the skin. The best way to use the oil for skin is to put 2 to 3 drops in the water used for facial steaming. It clears pores and lends sheen to the skin. The oil can also be used for scalp massages for rejuvenation of hair follicles .

Psychological Benefits : Studies have shown that Amber oil relaxes brain waves (alpha, beta and theta waves) through its psychoactive effect. It soothes the mind and helps fight problems such as depression,Producer Wholesaler Benzoin essential oil Supplier anxiety and stress . Soaking in a bath in which a few drops of amber oil are added can be an excellent relaxant before going to bed. It promotes sleep.
Benefit for Heart : Use of Amber oil is also believed to enhance heart energy. Palpitation of the heart and convulsions are treated with Amber and its derivatives .

It furthermore boosts the pancreas, which in turns helps digestion, and is thought to be involved in controlling blood sugar, which makes it valuable for sufferers of diabetes.The effect it has on the skin is to improve elasticity, helping cracked skin, while aiding the healing of sores and wounds and at the same time reducing redness, irritation and itching.

Benzoin Absolute is known as Gum Benzoin, Gum Benjamin and Siam Benjamin. Scientifically it is identified as Styrax Benzoin. This Absolute oil is produced by Solvent Extraction method from Benzoin resins Producer Wholesaler Benzoin essential oil Exporter obtained from Benzoin tree. The tree is native of Sumatra in Indonesia and attains height of 12 meters. Benzoin absolute essential oil is pale yellow to golden brown in color and has balsamic odor. It consists of rich, creamy, slightly woody and vanilla like aroma. It is very thick and need to be warmed before use. Benzoin Absolute oil is soluble in alcohols but insoluble in water. Its basic constituent is benzoic acid, coniferyl benzoate and vanillin.