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Chamomile Blue Essential Oil

Blue Chamomile is effective in treating menopausal and menstrual problems, headache, nervous tension, migraine, inflamed joints, muscular pain and arthritis.Producer Wholesaler chamomile blue essential oil exporter It is also known as an effective skin care remedy. Emotionally Blue Chamomile eases anxiety, tension, anger and fear. Calming the mind, it promotes relaxation and peace.

Blue Chamomile essential oil has a high content of azulene, the active organic compound of chamomile, which bears a blue color. Azulene has anti-inflammatory, skin healing properties. This oil is most suitable as an ingredient for skin care products. Blue chamomile is derived from the German chamomile plant, which is an upright growing annual. Producer Wholesaler chamomile blue essential oil supplier There are German chamomile plants that were breed for a high azulene content to use in the manufacturing of medicinal chamomile products.Highly prized in aromatherapy and holistic healing because of the natural occurrence of chamazulene and alpha bisabolol.

Aromatherapy grade Chamomile essential oil (matricaria chamomilla) is best used as a regenerative oil. Chamomile oil is also well known as a skin care ingredient, as well as stress relief. Pure German Chamomile Oil is noted as extremely helpful for sever skin problems. German Chamomile oil is also used externally as an anti-inflammatory agent. Read more about the properties, uses and benefits of German Chamomile oil below.

Despite its benefits, you should be careful when using a product containing blue chamomile, whether it's a skin cleanser or tea. While it is safe for most people, Producer Wholesaler chamomile blue essential oil supplier be careful if you have asthma, since it could make the condition worse. If you're pregnant, you should avoid it as well, because there is a risk of miscarriage.

Chamomile blue is an annual native of Europe and western Asia, growing from one to two feet high. The many terminal flower heads are in comb-like formation, and are about one-half to five-eighths of an inch in diameter. The word chamomile is derived from Greek roots -chamos (ground) and melos (apple), referring to the fact that the plant grows low to the ground, and the fresh blooms have a pleasing apple-scent. As a popular remedy, Producer Wholesaler chamomile blue essential oil exporter it may be thought of as the European counterpart of ginseng. It has been used for centuries in teas as a mild, relaxing sleep aid, treatment for fevers, colds, stomach ailments, and as an anti-inflammatory, to name only a few therapeutic uses.