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Cinnamon Leaf Organic Essential Oil

Cinnamon Organic Leaf Essential Oil is very beneficial in respiratory tract infection, arthritis, rheumatism and common body pains. It revitalizes your whole body along with eliminating depression. Also it is effective in alleviating period pains. Cinnamon organic leaf essential oil is an amazing brain tonic that boosts the activity of the brain. It helps in dealing with the problem related to the memory and nervous tension.Cinnamon essential oil can be also referred to as Ceylon, Madagascar, Seychelles or true cinnamon. Cinnamon oil's main properties lies in its toning and calming effect on the respiratory tract, the nervous system, and in the easing of colds and influenza, as well as period pains

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil is also effective in countering viral infections and gives sound protection from cough & cold, influenza and other viral diseases.Producer Wholesaler cinnamon leaf organic essential oil exporter Emotionally Cinnamon Leak brings up angry feelings once cleared allow for a fuller love experience. Cinnamon Leaf is not recommended for lactating mothers as it can reduce her production of milk Cinnamon essential oil is warm and stimulating, used as a comforting oil during the cold season. A strong antiseptic, cinnamon oil has a cleansing effect, as well as a lovely fragrance. Traditional use: anti-inflammatory agent, aphrodisiac, skin conditioner, deodorant

Cinnamon is used all over the world for treating a variety of health disorders, including respiratory problems, skin infections, blood impurity, menstruation problems, and heart disorders. The most widely used part of cinnamon is its bark. Cinnamon is rich in essential minerals such as manganese, iron, and calcium. It is also rich in fiber and has many antioxidant properties. Research has also proved that cinnamon oil obtained from the leaves and twigs of cinnamon can be used for controlling mites in honey bees.

Cinnamon organic leaf essential oil works very well on acne and pimples by removing the blood impurities. It improves the blood circulation and helps in dealing with the pain. You can minimize the chances of heart attack through the regular use of this essential oil. Moreover, this essential oil is also used in controlling the blood sugar. Due to its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic properties, it is widely used for the treatment of internal as well as external infection. It also helps in destroying the bacteria in staph infection and germs in gall bladder. Producer Wholesaler cinnamon leaf organic essential oil supplier Avoid cinnamon essential oil during pregnancy. Not recommended for sensitive skin as cinnamon oil can cause skin irritation; moderate dermal toxicity. Avoid using in baths.

These are the same organic essential oils that ship with your Vaporbrothers herbal vaporizer. Aura Cacia's essential oils are truly organic. Growers cultivate their plants on fields that are certified organic and use no synthetic chemicals at any point. In order to ensure the quality of their oils, Aura Cacia buyers visit the sites where the plants are grown and the oils are extracted and processed. Aura Cacia also subject the oils to rigorous tests such as gas chromatography (GC) to confirm their purity. Aura Cacia Organics sets the standard for a new level of quality in organic aromatherapy.