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Cistus Essential Oil

Cistus Essential Oil is made from fragrant white flowers called rock rose. The plant creates a gum that is dissolved in solvent to create a musky, sweet thick substance. Cistus Oil creates balance and harmony. Considered a rare essential oil. True cistus oil is steam distilled from dried flowering plants. An inferior cistus oil can also be made from the steam distillation of the leaves and branches. Labdanum, used as a fixative in quality perfumes, is made from the gum produced when the plant is immersed in boiling water. There is a flower essence called Rock Rose. It comes from a different plant, Helianthemum nummularium or H. canadense, which produces yellow flowers.his Cistus oil has a strong, sweet rose top note followed by a dry, herbaceous middle note with menthol and eucalyptus-like undertones. The aroma is generally perceived as warming and restorative.

Cistus oil is used in many skin care blends. Blend with German Chamomile to treat chronic slow healing skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, infected and inflamed skin conditions of all sorts. Blend with Green Myrtle oil, Rosehip Seed and Hazelnut oils for care for aging skin as described by Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt in Advanced Aromatherapy. Excellent for mature skin care As a matter of fact, it is in one of my favorite professionally blended oils to build up immune system, ImmuPower. This powerful blend is a natural immune system booster. Remember if our immune system was functioning properly than most of the time we don’t come down with flu, colds and infections to begin with. But if you do, immune supporting oils are also key to overcoming an illness quickly.

Cistus Absolute is primarily perfume oil, but it is helpful in healing difficult skin issues such as tumor and aged skin. It can also be used in clearing coughs and lung congestion. Use Cistus Oil in creams, lotions, soaps, bath products, incense, and fine perfumes.Cistus Essential Oil has a soft, fruity smell with honey overtones. I like the smell of the oil, but many don’t! Whether you like the smell or not, it is calming and uplifting oil that stimulates the five senses.

Cistus has a rich, warm and spicy aroma. It has been used as a skin rejuvenator, for treating infected wounds, skin ulcers, bronchitis, coughs, colds, as a fumigant when infectious illness is around and as an ambient aroma to facilitate meditation. Cistus Essential Oil is considered to have the following properties: anti-microbial, antiseptic, astringent, balsamic, emmenagogue and expectorant. It is said to act as a fixative in perfumes and is widely used in the perfumery industry. It is also considered useful in skincare preparations especially for mature skin and wrinkles. Labdanum can be used to treat colds, coughs, and rheumatism. When combined with Frankincense, it is excellent for meditation. Consistency: Thick Note: Middle Strength of Aroma: Strong

Cistus is also known as “rock rose” or “rose of sharon” and has been studied for its effects on the regeneration of cells.Cistus Essential Oil is a versitile oil that can strengthens the immune system, reduce scarring from scrapes and cuts, and more! It is a spiritual oil made famous by the Song of Salomon.Rock Rose is commonly used as an ornamental plant due to it's beauty and aroma. The oil when diluted in a carrier can firm and tighten and firm the skin and can be used by itself properly diluted, or blended with other oils for great results. It is a powerful scented oil, and if used in blends it should be used sparingly so as to not overpower the blend. It has been indicated to speed healing and minimize scarring, can help bring tone to mature skin, and is useful in blends to alleviate arthritis and muscle aches and pains. It also may act as a decongestant and help to open up airways.