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Dill Seed Essential Oil

Dill Weed Essential Oil Dill is a relaxant, fortifying, diuretic , carminative, anti spasmodic (prevents cramps), anti flatulent, and stimulates lactation. In cooking used in salad and salad dressings, call Amy here at Gritman, if you would like some recipes. The word dill probably comes from an Anglo-Saxon word dylla that means "to lull". As a flower essence it refers to living in a stressful world without being pulled off track from your divine plan.

The dill plant originates in southern Russia and the Mediterranean. It is widely cultivated in most parts of Europe and southern regions of Russia. It is a unique plant in every way, owing to the nature of it leaves and seeds and its medicinal properties. Producer Wholesaler dill seed essential oil supplier The leaves of the dill plant are like delicate and soft feathers with an enchanting sweet aroma. Dill seed essential oil is extracted through the process of steam distillation of crushed dill seeds. Dill seed oil is clear with a warm, somewhat spicy and grassy fragrance. For its unique medicinal properties, dill essential oil has very rapidly gained popularity among aroma therapists who use it for the treatment of several ailments and diseases. Producer Wholesaler dill seed essential oil exporter Some of the most common and proven uses of dill seeds and dill essential oil are as follows.

Dill has a grassy, dry, spicy aroma and is steam distilled from the seeds and leaves/stems of the plant. It is clear in color.
Dill essential oil is useful for bloating and other digestive challenges and it also stimulates appetite.It blends well with citrus and spice oils such as lemon and nutmeg, and also caraway and the mints, spearmint or peppermint.

The dill plant is a type of perennial herb. The seeds of a dill plant are called dill seeds. They are used as spices in food preparations such as pickles and soups. Dill seeds are popular in India as well as in different Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and in the Mediterranean for its amorous flavour and digestive propertiesSince ancient times, dill seeds are being used for curing stomach pain in babies. For this, dill seeds are boiled in water and the concoction is administered to the child suffering from gas pain. It is proven to provide immediate relief to the baby