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Fir Needle Essential Oil

Fir Needle Essential Oil, Austria Described in the Aromatherapy Practitioner's Manual as sweet and balsamic, it is said to be useful in the treatment of respiratory conditions. Listed are: Acute and chronic bronchitis, chills, coughs, sinusitis, tuberculosis.

The goodness of certain good things just goes on increasing…they don’t see an end…Like…just an example…take for example an apple…I know people who worship the fruit and consume innumerable times a day without a miss…and can write books on the fruit.Similarly the oil of Fir Needle…has benefits…Producer Wholesaler fir needle essential oil supplier to make Producer Wholesaler fir needle essential oil exporter you go down on your knees and sorshipt the plant (which some people literally do!)…Anyway…here’s disclosing the best and less known benefits of this plant

ir Needle essential oil Siberian has a rich, sweet-balsamic, fruity pine scent. The oil is colorless to pale yellow. It is steam distilled from the leaves and twigs of A. Siberica. It is the most popular fir needle oil in Europe.Our pure essential oil of Russian organically grown Siberian Fir, steam distilled from the needles. This has that rich and wonderful classic, brilliant Fir Needle aroma. We've recently moved from Balsam fir, to this lovely Siberian fir to provide a lower cost oil with the same aromatic and therapeutic properties.

n an aroma burner, Fir oil clears the lungs, nasal passages and sinuses, stimulates the mind, and alleviates headaches. Mixed with bath or massage oil, Fir may also provide relief for tired or aching muscles and relieve pent up depression and stress.  Producer Wholesaler fir needle essential oil supplier Adding just 6 drops to a warm bath brings welcome stimulation to sore, stiff and overworked muscles. Blend the Essential Oil with some Half & Half, honey, vinegar or Coconut Emulsifier before adding it to the water, so that the droplets will dissolve in the water and not float concentrated at the surface.

Unscrupulous producers often adulterate their essential oils. Over many years of testing, Auroma has developed high standards of testing criteria. Every oil we supply has at least 100 prior tests. On some oils (e.g. Lavender), we have in excess of 1,000 tests. The Auroma advantage lies in our ability to not only perform the tests, but also in having the in-house expertise to correctly analyse and identify adulterants found within essential oils.

Before the benefits…understand how the oil is obtained…Fir Needle Oil is extracted through steam distillation from the needles of the Pine trees of Russia…These statuesque…Producer Wholesaler fir needle essential oil exporter green trees grow freely and there is such a glut of them they are also used across the globe as Christmas tree Canadian Balsam Fir is the Christmas Tree of every child and is hence an indispensable part of everyone’s childhood…

Balsam Fir…like many of the conifer oils…is useful for chest colds…bronchial problems…It is especially called for to loosen a dry…tight cough
White Fir Essential Oil has a fresh, crisp scent and is high in d-limonene, a powerful antioxidant. Supportive of the immune system, it is an aid in maintaining normal cellular regeneration.* When used in massage, it helps relieve aches associated with exercised muscles. Body Systems Affected: Emotional Balance, Muscles and Bones, Respiratory System