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Geranium Rose Essential Oil

Rose Geranium Essential Oil: "Geranium's vital, sensual presence is not subtle, but direct & unavoidable, Producer Wholesaler geranium rose essential oil supplier making it one of the oils of choice for aphrodisiac qualities. (Geranium Essential Oil) inspires natural beauty & enjoyment, uplifts instantly & "tonifies" the mind & intellect in a powerful, nearly demanding attitude. Mobilizing hidden creative & emotional reserves, helping us to rise to our own earthly & spiritual identify. A fiery beauty for the spells of all worlds."

There are in fact two species of Pelargonium distilled to essential oil - this 'odorantissium' produces Rose Geranium oil, high in geraniol with a more 'rose-like' aroma. The 'graveolens' species produces an oil with a higher citronellol content, with a correspondingly more citrus-like aroma. It is noted to blend well with many other essential oils, particularly Lavender, French and other florals; it may in-fact be the most often blended oil.

Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt notes about Rose Geranium oil: "The tonifying effect of the terpene alcohol combined with the soothing influence of the esters are responsible for the fact that geranium is perceived differently for each individual. One person will perceive it as antiseptic, another as calmative, and a third as stimulant...because of this versatile character, geranium is an excellent foundation for massage and body oils.