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Labdanum Cistus Absolute

Traditionally, the gum was used to treat any of the gross discharges as they were called like catarrh or diarrhoea and dysentery. Invaluable as a wound dressing to heal damaged skin and ulcers. Producer Wholesaler labdanum cistus absolute exporter Not glamorous to think of but this still works well for inflamed skin conditions. For esoteric work it brings up past buried memories so blend with fragonia to gently dispel them.

Labdanum Absolute is also known as Rose of Sharron. Labdanum is one of the species of Rock Rose. It is sticky brown resin that is obtained from Cistus ladanifer or Cistus creticus plant. The shrub is native of Mediterranean region. Labdanum Absolute is prepared by means of solvent extraction method from gums and resins of Labdanum plant. It has powerful, sweet amber- like aroma with balsamic hint. Labdanum Absolute consists of dry- out sweet, leathery, Producer Wholesaler labdanum cistus absolute supplier resinous, ambered and slightly caramelic fragrance. It is one of the supreme perfume fixatives with chypre accords in general. Labdanum Absolute has thick consistency and is warmed before use.

Cistus absolute is obtained by alcohol extraction of Labdanum concrete and is also called Labdanum, Rockrose and Rose of Sharon. With its rich and woody aroma it?s an absolute which is often used in meditation and in creating perfumes with an Oriental flair. As is the case with most absolutes, this is a very thick oil; may be partially solid at times. This absolute does not provide any therapeutic benefits

A good choice for firming mature skin as well as slightly astringent for oily and acneic skin. Use only a small amount so that it does not dominate the blend. It heals skin wounds like acne scars and is good for regenerating  wrinkled skin especially with frankincense.Producer Wholesaler labdanum cistus absolute exporter Its ability to calm a situation down makes it a natural choice for meditation, again enhanced with frankincense. It calms the nerves and is said to improve perception.