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Oakmoss Essential Oil

Oakmoss essential oil benefits include the use as an antiseptic to prevent infections in open cuts and wounds; it has anti-inflammatory qualities that aid in soothing swollen spots on the body. Oakmoss Oil also acts as an expectorant thus treating coughs and decongesting mucus in the respiratory tract. Its restorative qualities make it very popular in the battle against ageing.Oakmoss, as the name suggests, is a kind of moss or lichen which grows on the branches of Oak trees. Oak is distributed all over Europe and North America.

While most of the European nations collect this moss, the essential oil from this moss is extracted mainly in France and it is the biggest producer of Oak Moss Essential Oil. The essential oil of Oak Moss is extracted first by solvent extraction method, which yields a concrete, and then by vacuum distillation method. The chief components of Oak Moss Essential Oil are atranorine, chloratronorine, delta usnic acid and evernic acid.Oakmoss essential oil is a natural product with a great deal of therapeutic properties and healing actions. It is extracted from green moss or lichen known as Evernia Prunastri, which can be found mainly growing on oak trees (sometimes on other trees, too). Oak trees are very common plants growing all around North America and Europe, therefore, oakmoss is also quite common. The best quality oakmoss essential oil is produced in France, the US and Bulgaria. The method used for essential oil extraction is usually solvent extraction followed by vacuum distillation.

Essential oils are made from plants that carry a scent. In other words, they are the essence of a plant. Essential oils are often used in perfumes, but are also used in foods as well. Aromatherapy uses essential oils and has gained in popularity in recent years. The concept behind aromatherapy is that the use of essential oils may be useful in treating a variety of medical conditions.

Oakmoss oil benefits include such properties as expectorant, anti-septic, restorative, soothing, demulcent, and many others. Native Americans were widely using this natural extract to treat and speed up wound healing, as well as to combat various respiratory infections and related health conditions. Expectorant properties of this oil can be very effective to those who suffer from such diseases and ailments as bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma, coughs and so on. The best way to use and harvest health benefits of oakmoss oil is using it for inhalations: it is possible to use it for a diffuser, or simply inhale its steams from a towel or any other carrier after pouring several drops of warm oil onto

Oakmoss essential oil is restorative in action. It reduces the signs of aging, including wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. It rejuvenates your skin by facilitating with the regeneration of skin cells, thus helping you retain youthful skin for a longer span of time. As such, oakmoss essential oil is a potent anti-ageing agent.Oakmoss Oil is obtained from lichen, which is light green in color and mostly grows on oak trees.The oil is mostly produced in France, with the USA and Bulgaria following suit.It is usually obtained through solvent extraction and subsequently vacuum distillation.