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Ravensara Essential Oil

ravensara oil make it ‘well balanced’ with varying properties. Eugenol (also found in clove) gives ravensara a strong antimicrobial activity and Cineole-1a provides support for viral challenges. The oil’s linalol content (also found in lavender) provides gentile, soothing and regenerative properties. A-pinine (also found in frankincense) provides emotional support and high limonine content is supportive of the gall bladder and detoxification.

Organic ravensare oil, Producer Wholesaler ravensara essential oil exporter distilled from the humid evergreen forests of Madagascar, has a clean, lightly camphorous fragrance note. Referred to traditionally as ‘the oil that heals’ in recognition of its wide therapeutic benefits, ravensare oil is particularly popular in cold and flu season. Ravensara Oil is steam distilled from the leaves and grown in Madagascar.Producer Wholesaler ravensara essential oil supplier There it is referred to as “the oil that heals” because it is used for so many different conditions. It can also be distilled from the bark (see below).Ravensara is a completely safe oil and can be used on anyone, including babies and has a multi action benefits, similar to Lavender essential oil.  It is above all anti- viral and particularly effective against flu and flu-like virus infections, especially if used at the first signs

Ravensara oil is extracted from the leaves of the Ravensara tree, native to madagascar but also found in Mauritius and the island of Reunion.  The oil is obtained by a very long steam distillation process resulting in an almost colourless oil with an aroma that is similar to Rosemary oil.Ravensera is strongly protective and cleansing and can be used for healing work. It is great for diffusing in sick rooms to help banish the demons of disease. It can be used to clear the mind and help focus on a magical intent. It promotes courage and helps overcome anxieties and fears.

The best use of the oil is for lung and throat infections as well as chronic sinus inflammation and bronchitis inflammation. It is also effective against viral infections such as hepatitis, shingles and herpes.essential oil is extracted by steam distillation of its leaves and contains alpha pinene, delta carene, Producer Wholesaler ravensara essential oil exporter caryophyllene, germacreme, limonene, linalool, methyl chavicol, methyl eugenol, sabinene and terpineol.Ravensare essential oil enhances upper respiratory health and deep immunity when used in vapor therapy or in diffusion. A powerful relaxant, ravensara essential oil can be employed in massage to enhance muscle and joint health, and reproductive harmony. Its immune enhancing properties make it a first choice for cold and flu season.


Ravensara Essential Oil