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Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Moroccan Chamomile by Pacific Institute graduates and Kurt Schnaubelt fans, or just plain Tanacetuum, is steam distilled from the leaves of wild crafted plants.  A beautiful oil with an intense blue color due to it's high chamazulene content.Blue Tansy has been used to relieve symptoms from an array of histamine-mediated allergic reactions. Producer Wholesaler tansy blue essential oil exporter The active ingredient, chamulzine may also quite useful for asthma when blended with Ravensara. It is one of the primary oils recommended for relief with sinus allergies, especially for children who don't mind a little "war paint" on their face (as it will be a bit blue at their sinus areas for a while).

Pure Blue Tansy Essential Oil (also known as 'Moroccan Chamomile'), steam distilled from the herb. Blue Tansy essential oil has a beautiful deep blue color and a warm, herbaceous, sweet aroma. Blue Tansy (botanical name Tanacetum anuum) has properties similar to Blue Chamomile, and should not be confused with Tansy Oil (botanical name Tanacetum Vulgare). Blue Tansy Essential Oil (Tanacetum annuum) is steam distilled fromProducer Wholesaler tansy blue essential oil supplier the flowering plant and has a slightly sweet, herbaceous aroma. Blue Tansy can be used against inflammation, as an analgesic and anesthetic as well as a relaxant. Blue Tansy essential oil can help relieve pain and itching and can help with allergies since it is a natural antihistamine. I also recommend combining Blue Tansy with Copaiba in a capsule for allergy relief. It also has hormone-like properties.

Blue Tansy – like all of the blue essential oils containing the active azulene – is best known for its skin care properties and as an anti-inflammatory agent. It has also been credited by aromatherapists as being an antihistamine and antispasmodic. It is believed to induce relaxation, reduce nervous tension and stress, Producer Wholesaler tansy blue essential oil supplier and be beneficial for allergies.ansy Oil stimulates the endocrinal glands and increases secretion of hormones. It was found particularly effective on the thyroid and thymus glands, which directly affects growth and maturity.

The Essential Oil of Tansy has been found effective in giving relief from inflammations, particularly those pertaining to skin, and others too. It also gives relief to some extent from inflammations in the respiratory system, digestive system and nervous system.
Anti Histaminic: Histamine in the body is responsible for triggering off allergies and the various problems related to allergies, such as rashes, itches, severe coughs, asthma, breathing troubles, cBlue Tansy essential oil is steam distilled using wild-harvested Moroccan blue tansy flowers. It has a deep blue color due to its chamazulene content, a highly anti-inflammatory compound modified from matracin that turns blue during the distillation process (This same change occurs when German Chamomile is distilled

Blue Tansy essential oil is considered by aromatherapists to be an important oil for burned, inflamed and damaged skin, sunburns and bruises - an excellent blend for where skin is actually damaged is as follows: 10ml of Sesame Oil with 10 drops Helichrysum essential oil and 6 drops Blue tansy. Like other “blue” oils, Producer Wholesaler tansy blue essential oil exporter is used for sore muscles, sprains and strains, arthritis, rheumatism, and sciatica. Blue Tansy is most efficacious when used in concentrations of 5% or less. Allergy can turn seriously fatal if it takes over the internal organs, particularly liver and heart. These attacks of allergies can be countered by lowering the level of histamine in the body and checking its production. The Tansy Essential Oil neutralizes histamine and checks its further production, thereby controlling these allergies.

Blue Tansy Essential Oil