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Wormwood Essential Oil

Wormwood Essential Oil can be attributed to its properties like anti helmitic, cholagogue, deodorant, digestive, emenagogue, febrifuge, insecticide, narcotic, vermifuge and tonic.Wormwood is also known as Green Ginger and Absinthium and earlier it was used in alcoholic drinks such as Absinthe (banned now) to add to its taste and intoxication, since wormwood itself has narcotic effects. Its botanical name is Artemisia Absinthium or Artemisia Annua.The Essential Oil of Wormwood is extracted by steam distillation of its leaves, twigs and flowering tops and is chiefly composed of alpha thujone, beta thujone, geranyl propionate, linalyl acetate, myrcene, sabinene, trans sabinol and trans sabinyl acetate.

Wormwood (Artemisia Absinthus) is an old herbal remedy known since the times of ancient civilizations. In some folk medicines it is know as ‘green gigner‘, valued the most for it very powerful vermifuge properties. This shrub-like plant originates from the Mediterranean region and has been used for centuries not only in herbal medicine but also in culinary for adding taste to liquors and alcoholic beverages. In addition, the extracts like wormwood essential oil are widely used in modern natural cosmetics industry, as an ingredient for special skin and hair care products.

Wormwood is great for its medicinal uses for menstrual pains, fevers, liver diseases, worm infections, anemia, rheumatism, and even used to help in child birth. Even the famous philosopher Hippocrates suggested it as a cure for Jaundice Wormwood oil is extracted from Artemisia absinthium of the Asteraceae (Compositae) family and is also known as green ginger, armoise, common wormwood and absinthium.Wormwood oil comes from the plant artemesia absinthium. The word wormwood probably comes from the Middle English word wormwode which meant a cure for intestinal worms. The oil is extracted from the leaves and the flowering tops of the plant through the method of steam distillation. The plant originates in Eurasia.Wormwood oil or extract can be used to make an insect repellent, which can be used in gardens or on pets.Wormwood oil can be diluted and applied to bruises, cuts, and wounds to aid healing. It contains a natural anesthetic, which can help sufferers of arthritis and rheumatism by easing their

Wormwood oil has as a component thujone which makes it toxic. But this very thujone makes the Wormwood ideal deodorant because of its distinct smell and properties of killing bacteria that can cause body odour. Its aroma is so strong that it could serve as insecticide and pesticides because it is poisonous for these creatures. Of course care should be taken when using it. Normally it is diluted in order to avoid inhalation which could prove fatal.Wormwood essential oil is a great tonic and helps to tone up the organic system. Along with helping in the proper absorption of nutrients, it also helps to eases the digestion process. Furthermore, it also maintains proper excretion of enzymes and hormones. Thus, it tones up the nervous system and keeps you more energized. So, after using this oil, it will protect you against infections and various health problem

Wormwood extracted oil is mainly used to make absinthe. Absinthe contains a lot of different plant ingredients but this one is its main ingredient. It should not be used for aromatherapy or internal use unless under strict medical supervision.Wormwood Essential Oil is highly demanded because of its powerful medicinal properties. The extraction offered by us is of high concentration and purity and retains the distinctive smell of wormwood.The wormwood oil effects are many. As an essential oil, wormwood oil can play an important role in some homemade remedies. One of the main wormwood oil uses is for quick relief from pain. You could dab a few drops to areas that are painful. It quickly cuts down the pain. This oil can be applied externally to cuts, itching, bruises, and irritation to the skin and muscle sprains. The oil is also used to relieve pain for diseases which typically cause pain like arthritis, rheumatism and tuberculosis.